BOXX Tech Workstation Review

These examples all use Cinema 4D R17 on the BOXX workstation, with dual 1080 video cards and a watermarked demo version of Octane Renderer.

These videos illustrate the realtime feedback offered by GPU based renderers. Instead of making changes to a 3d scene and having to wait for feedback by rendering a full-res preview or a lower-res approximation, Octane allows nearly instant feedback that resolves to a full-res image in just a few seconds.

 What you'll see below is my adjusting lighting, focus, and camera on-the-fly, and getting nearly instant feedback.
(My apologies for the recording, I did not have screen capture software on the demo box.)

This video is an example of changes in camera angle and focus. Octane and the GPU handles heavy depth-of-field in seconds, compared to having to apply a less realistic depth blur in post.

This video is an example of realtime lighting adjustments.

The renders below revolved to nearly noise-free within 30 seconds or less per frame, with more natural materials, exposure, and depth-of-field than Cinema 4D can produce in 50-60 times the render time per frame.