ACTION RIG 2 is a versatile, fully articulated character rig made for physical and acrobatic action.

Created to emulate the style of a high-end action figure, ACTION RIG is incredibly flexible, perfect for animation practice, storyboarding, human figure pose reference, and the ideal stand-in for any 3D project. 

  • Inspired by high-quality articulating artist's models.

  • Two rigs in one. Instant One-Button Gender Switch for male or female characters.

  • Designed for lightning fast animation.

  • Built from the ground up for high quality subdivision rendering. Includes Subdivision Quick Switch.

  • Based on the rock-solid Cinema 4D character Object.

What's included:

  • ACTION RIG v2.1 (Male and Female versions included)

  • 10 high quality Accessories!!

    Knight Shield / Broadsword / Katana / Pistol
    Shotgun / Axe / Round Shield / Throwing Star / Sai

  • Rigged Training Dummy

  • Studio lighting setup for out-of-the-box rendering.

  • Shaders for Standard, Physical, and Octane Renderers.

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Drag or swipe to spin and view wireframe, click to zoom.

Made for Subdivisions, ACTION RIG includes a Subdivision Quick Switch.